DevOps Cheat Sheet and Check List

January 27, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

This is an interesting blog post. The author assumed that everyone is working on their DevOps project  The entire post, untitled and unassuming is a treasure trove in resources. It is a long checklist In getting DevOps correctly. It is also arranged in a step by step manner that’s easy to understand even for complete novices.
An UpGuard survey released interesting statistics on DevOps, such as 63 percent of their respondents experience quality in software deployments and release new software more frequently. There are other improvements mentioned in the survey, but it’s interesting to know that even if there are improvements, it is not across the board.  This blog will help improve DevOps success rate and help organizations streamline their DevOps journey.
– Miyagi Kazuki

Read the source article at Clarive – DevOps with Clarive

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